We love slot racing cars and our passion for the hobby, our 50+ years of slot racing experience and our marketing and technical credentials position our companies team in an ideal spot to bring the Ninco brand back to life in North America.  We truly care about the end customer, the way that the brand is marketed, the quality and strength of the supply base for the brand.  Our promise is to always provide outstanding customer service regardless of the issue or degree of difficulty.


Professor Motor INC in Livonia Michigan has been chosen by the Ninco parent company (Ninco Desarrollos SL - Barcelona Spain) to lead the efforts in this market to re-invigorate the Ninco brand.  Professor Motor is highly honored to be entrusted with this responsibility and will do everything possible with our dealers in USA and Canada to bring back the brands former glory.


The strongly favorable Ninco customer experience in the market and the depth of promotion and support for the brand will grow the brand value and image to attract more interest from consumers and retail outlets alike.  Smart marketing approaches to protect dealer margins and grow the supply base will lead to a  more substantial market share for the Ninco brand and a much stronger competitive position among other players in the market.  Our efforts to successfully attract new customers just entering the slot racing hobby is a major focus and will be key to support strong future growth.


Our mission is to foster the the re-invigoration of the Ninco brand slot racing products in the USA and Canadian segments of the North American market. New marketing efforts focused on the high quality, world class design, unique product characteristics and superb customer value intend to restore this brand to its rightful position in our market.  Communication and direct connection with dealers and customers to build awareness and support the brand are the cornerstone of our efforts that will allow Ninco to flourish and grow in our market.  The rich heritage of this Spanish company since 1993 and the depth of the research & development investment poured in slot racing will be relied on to support current and future strong growth and a development of competitive products and technologies to delight the customers and add value to dealer offerings in our market.