NINCO combines the best track system with great cars for the beginning racers.  The basic NINCO analog sets come with wired controllers and a simple track layout that is a great customer value and makes a super holiday gift for a young man or young lady.  The bigger sections of track join together easily and yet form an ultra strong and reliable joint system.  The flexibility of the track system allows the track to take substantial punishment and is not brittle and prone to cracking as are some other brands.  The best-in-industry electrical conductivity allows the car performance to be consistent and reliable all around the circuit and even if the basic layout is expanded.  The aggressive track surface is much more tolerant to dust and dirt and greatly improves the consistency of car performance for an enhanced fun factor for beginning racers.

Wireless racing sets enhance the fun of a basic analog set by providing incredible freedom for the racers by eliminating the restrictive wired controller connections.  Position yourself anywhere around the track to get the best visibility, marshal a problem corner or focus on better performance through the tight and twisty bits of the circuit.

PRO SERIES sets give the experienced racer much more track and and the ability to establish a more permanent layout with more substantial driving challenges.  Performance of the cars remains consistent and reliable even in these larger sets as the result of the world class electrical conductivity and connection reliability.  Unlike other offerings these systems come without cars and enable the racers to exercise their unique passion and dreams for the type and brands of cars chosen.

COMING SOON !  WICO Wireless Digital for the ultimate racing experience with up to 8 players on a 2 lane track.